If you’re looking for pay by phone bill then you’ve come to the right place, because we’re here to tell you all about it! With the ever-increasing number of casino and bingo sites available, we have more choice than ever when it comes to playing the games we love. Whether you’re into your reels or you prefer to win a line, accessing top quality gaming isn’t a problem for the modern gamer.

What can be difficult is deciding how you want to fund your online account. Because not only do you have to think about financial security, but there are also the concerns many of us have over administration fees charged by the banking provider.

Most players tend to add credit to their accounts with debit card. But when you consider the many options available and their popularity, you have to wonder if you are using the best method for online gaming. Providers such as Skrill, Trustly, Paysafe Card and Zimpler, all offer players added benefits. There is even the incredible Neteller which pulls all the banking providers under one roof and gives you the options of who to pick and details the charges each one will take.

We have purposely left one option off the above list and that’s because when it comes to paying for your mobile bingo and casino credit, then pay by phone bill is the way to go.

Sites which offer pay by mobile phone bill;

pay by phone bill casino sites

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For those of you who are eager to access your favourite slot or casino games straight away, then here is our choice of the best sites around which offer mobile phone payments.

How do you make a phone bill payment?

It should be noted that pay by phone bill can be accessed by two brands, namely Boku and Payforit. Both generally work the same way, but most gambling sites tend to offer Boku banking so we will focus on them.

What is Boku mobile casino?

In simple terms it means that you will add credit to your gaming account via your mobile phone bill. Then when the bill comes through, it will detail any mobile phone charges and any monies added to the gambling sites. It’s as simple as paying it off and then you can begin again.

There’s also an option for those of you with credit on your mobile phones, where you can use any left-over credit for online gaming. It’s basically the same process, so again pretty simple to do.

Of course, the devils in the detail, so let’s go through the process so you can see if Boku banking is right for you.

How to Make Phone Bill Payments

  1. Head over to the casino or slot site and you will see under banking methods the option to ‘pay by phone’ or ‘pay by mobile’. Click on the link and it will send you through to the Boku website.
  2. When on the Boku website you will need to register initially, but it is a simple online form which requests a few personal details. These details will include the mobile phone you wish to use, which will be the account where all monies are charged to. Requesting these details is to ensure security is maintained and will only take a few minutes.
  3. You’re now ready to add credit to your gaming account, but remember you need to ensure you have also registered with the casino too. They will require information which complies with the Gambling Commission and may include identification. There is usually a minimum deposit amount of £10, so we would recommend you double check before continuing.
  4. After you have confirmed the amount you wish to deposit, you will receive a text confirming if this is your number and you wish to continue with the request. The way they do this is with a simple ‘Y’ for yes to continue, or ‘N’ for no you do not wish to continue. If you say yes, then the money will be transferred to your account and you can begin to play.
  5. When you receive your mobile phone bill from your mobile provider, the deposit amounts will be included, and you then pay for your credit.

Because of the simplicity of this form of online banking it can be open to abuse. So Boku and Payforit will initially set a limit of how much you can deposit, which tends to be about £30 per day. If the customer bets responsibly, then they will see the limit increased over a period of time.

Responsible Gambling with Mobile Depositing

This is the perfect time to remind you about responsible gaming and that playing slots and casino should be about having fun and not as a way to subsidise your income or pay off any outstanding debts. For further information you should head to begambleaware.org, where there is details of how to contact someone for support and there is even a live chat option.

Why use phone bill mobile billing?

There is a lot of reasons, but one of the main aspects which has made this the fastest growing banking method is its security. You’ll notice that so far we haven’t mentioned anything to do with giving anyone your bank details. This is because everything financially is completed via your mobile provider. They already hold your bank details for when you make monthly contractual payments for your mobile phone. So, you no longer need to provide them again to the casino or even to the banking provider. This is very different to using your debit card, where you would have to enter any bank details on every casino you registered with.

But aside from the safety aspects, is there another reason to use Boku carrier billing? The straightforward answer is yes! One of the biggest bugbears for players is the service fees added when you deposit and withdraw any funds. With Boku there is no additional charge for a transaction, meaning if you added £10 then you would enjoy £10 in credit.

Which mobile phone providers accept phone bill payments?

Pretty much all providers accept mobile phone banking including EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone, but we would always advise you check with your carrier before you begin the process.

Are there any negatives to using Boku banking?

Sadly, nothing is ever perfect, and this is the same with phone bill payments. So, you just need to decide whether what we tell you is enough to put you off, or if the security and safety element overrides it.

Cannot Withdraw Funds – Boku is basically a method for depositing funds, not for withdrawing them. If you wish to remove any credit or hopefully should you win big, then you would need to provide the gaming site with bank details and go through the usual bank transfer process. This may be a deal breaker for many of you, but the key to using Boku is its simplicity for depositing.

Maximum and Minimum Deposit Limits – Although some casino and slot sites do impose a minimum deposit limit, many do not. So, the fact that you have to with Boku may be off putting for some players. Even those of you who have the facilities to wager higher levels of cash, will find the £30 a day maximum limit frustrating. This is of course to protect the vulnerable gamblers out there, but nevertheless it’s not ideal for high rollers.

Forfeit of Bonuses – This isn’t applicable to all casino, slot or bingo sites, but we thought it was worth a mention. Many gamers move to a new site to enjoy the benefits of the welcome bonuses. Sadly, some sites will not give you those bonuses if you choose to credit your account using pay by mobile. This may be due to issues they have had in the past with funding, we have no idea, but if you are registering with a new site always check the terms and conditions.

Pay by mobile phone bill sports site

Yes, there are even sports sites who accept Boku, although these are much harder to come by then other forms of gambling. So, if you like a little flutter on the horses, or want to back your favourite football team then why not check out these phone bill sports betting sites;

Accessing Boku through Neteller

Because of the efficiency of using Boku as a way to credit your account, Neteller have decided to add them to their list of banking methods. This gives access to a greater number of gaming and sports sites, including the household name Bet365.

Because you’re using a middleman there us a small transaction fee which can be found on the Neteller website. But if your favourite site doesn’t offer pay by mobile, then this may be an alternative which ticks every box.

We hope this has covered all the aspects of Boku phone bill banking, so all that’s really left to say is enjoy!